THIS IS Not Your Parent’s Monitoring System

We’ve built a modern, predictive, and frictionless observability platform dedicated to accelerating your pace while increasing the stability of your Kubernetes workloads.

Predictive AI & Open-Source Data Collection

Leveraging best-in-breed, open source components and our powerful, patent-pending AI, get everything you expect from a modern observability platform in a single place, without the legacy baggage . . . or the legacy high costs!

Your observability data in a single place

Configuration, metrics, events, logs, interdependencies, and operational flows in real time, all at your digital fingertips. OpsCruise discovers these, and more, exposing them dynamically, in-context, and within a single UI, reducing swivel chair operations. Democratize your Ops and Apps teams’ access to Observability data.

Predictive, Not Reactive

Our AI builds predictive, dynamic operational behavior models of your application, automatically, no matter the complexity or scale. Reduce MTTR/MTTD. When you can be Predictive, you can be Proactive!

Operational flow view, without code instrumentation

Understand your application’s interdependencies, operational flow, and component health in a single view, without the legacy requirement of instrumenting code with agents or code changes.

Built for Kubernetes

Pods, Containers, Worker Nodes, Replicasets, Deployments, Service Meshes, Endless Auto-scaling - we’ve got you covered! OpsCruise is purpose-built for Kubernetes observability. Our platform’s deep understanding of Kubernetes, coupled with our unique ML empowers your entire team to understand your workloads and the issues that pertain to them. The modern Kubernetes stack is complex. We’re here to help you simplify and manage it!

Ml-based behavior profiling without manual thersholds

Our unique ML learns your application’s correct operating behavior, enabling OpsCruise to detect and predict emerging problems without manually selecting and setting thresholds, avoiding assumptions based on historical trends. This means fewer false positives, avoiding false negatives, and proactive recommendations for your teams.

Own your own data

OpsCruise embeds and supports open source data collection, as opposed to closed-source, proprietary mechanisms, ensuring your data remains under your control.

Easy, frictionless, open

OpsCruise leverages open-source, best-in-breed data collection tools. No agents, no sidecars, and no application changes required! Eliminate efforts for Ops and Apps required by legacy tools. Install OpsCruise components into your Kubernetes cluster, and it’s smooth cruising.

The bottom line

With OpsCruise, you have a modern, open observability platform powered by ML that identifies issues well before customers are impacted, enabling ITOps/SREs to be 5x more productive with a system that costs a ⅓ that of the legacy collection of monitoring tools.

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