OpsCruise's Vision is Backed by Proven Industry Leaders

At OpsCruise, we imagine a world of autonomous operations and are innovating a fundamentally different approach to performance management. The founders, investors and advisors are a proven team of infrastructure software, operations and AI/ML experts.

Our vision

We imagine a world powered by autonomous application performance

Digital business is driving a fundamental shift to cloud-native applications, creating a new set of operational and performance challenges ill-suited to the currently available solutions. At OpsCruise, we imagine a world of autonomous operations and are innovating a fundamentally different approach to performance management.  OpsCruise’s vision is to automate the performance assurance of cloud applications using a model-driven closed-loop platform.


The people driving OpsCruise

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Scott Fulton
Founder & CEO

Scott is the Founder and CEO of OpsCruise. He brings in several decades of executive management, product and sales experience. Previously, Scott was the EVP of Products & Corporate Development at Infoblox where he led the expansion into cybersecurity and the transformation to SaaS. Prior to Infoblox, he spent more than a decade as a GM/P&L leader of several infrastructure application businesses at HP Software and BMC. He also has early career start-up experience and on-the-ground roles in Europe and India. He holds a BA from the University of Michigan and a MBA from UC Davis.

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Aloke Guha
Founder & CTO

Aloke is the Founder and CTO of OpsCruise. He brings extensive entrepreneurial experience from several enterprise sectors as well as experience in incubating new business in larger tech firms. Previous to OpsCruise, he was at Hitachi where he led many of their IoT initiatives. Prior to that, he was the founder of several Big Data start-ups, including Creekpath (HPE) and Copan (HP). He is a luminary in the AI/ML industry and has 28 patents to his name. He holds a B Tech from IIT Kanpur and a MSEE / PhD from the University of Minnesota.

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Shridhar Venkatraman
Founder & Chief Architect

Shridhar is the Founder and Chief Architect and engineering leader for OpsCruise. He brings considerable software engineering and large scale systems expertise from several industry sectors, including Payments, Pharma, Treasury and Capital Markets. He has been a successful founder at RetailWave and NeemTree, and held senior tech roles in his early career at ESQ Business Services and Tandem (HPE). He holds a M Tech from IIT Chennai.

Board of advisors

The industry leaders lending us a hand

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Prometheus Author
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Product Management Leader
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Go-to-Market Leader


Growing ideas to new ventures

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Sumant Mandal

The Fabric

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Rajan Raghavan

CEO and Co-founder, The Fabric

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Prabakar Sundarrajan

Chief Strategist and Co-founder,
The Fabric

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