SRE Productivity & Cloud Resource Optimization

By bringing clarity and focus to the performance condition of cloud applications, OpsCruise enables SRE organization to be more productive and eliminate unnecessary over-provisioning of cloud resources.

SRE Productivity and Cloud resource optimization

Scale your cloud apps without scaling your budget

Eliminate the war room toil. Happier and more productive SRE/DevOps staff.

When organizations have application problems, the common answer is to pull all IT discipline owners into a room to try to solve the problem. Everyone brings their own tools and works to illustrate their area of responsibility is not the source of the problem. This means solving issues can take days, weeks, and even months. Through real-time live operational tracing on all activity, OpsCruise fundamentally changes that paradigm by quickly fault isolating the problem application or infrastructure component. 

Reduce escalations.

Your Level-1 (L1) front line teams can’t effectively handle the growing tide of alerts. So they escalate almost everything to your Level-2 (L2) teams and beyond, making your costs skyrocket. OpsCruise helps your L1 teams handle the load by providing highly qualified, enriched alerts with prescriptive recommendations. This offloads your higher-value L2s to focus on other strategic tasks, cutting your costs by up to 40%.

Get ahead of performance degradations and outages.

Your teams can’t handle escalating number of events in an expeditious manner, resulting in prolonged outages and downtime. Your organization has to endure SLA penalties, damage to brand equity and lost revenue. With OpsCruise, your teams can handle events faster, and also identify recurring problems to prevent future incidents. This results in fewer and shorter outages, as well as reduced downtime.

Stop needless over-sizing of cloud resources.

Research shows that 60% of cloud instances were sized at least one size larger than needed for their workloads. Just by reducing an instance by one size, the cost is reduced by 50%. Further, CPU and memory allocations in K8s pods are often set too high. Not knowing the likely resource consumption of dynamic applications, administrators are cautious. OpsCruise’s behavior profiling of applications changes that and enables ongoing tuning of K8s and resource allocations in real-time.

Keep SRE/ITOps headcount flat.

Rising IT complexity, more frequent deployments, organization changes and too many tools means that expanding headcount 25-30% or more every year is how you’ve had to deal with the exploding alert volume problem. Until now.

By helping your existing IT Ops, SRE and DevOps teams detect, investigate, and resolve many more incidents, OpsCruise keeps your headcount flat.