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easy to manage and scale

Dynamic, orchestrated cloud applications are creating a new set of operational and performance challenges ill-suited to legacy monitoring tools. OpsCruise imagines a world of autonomous operations and has innovated a fundamentally different approach.

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Predictable Pricing

Pricing plans scale solely by the number of hosts or serverless functions invoked. No guesswork needed.

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No nickel & diming

Unlike other vendors, OpsCruise doesn’t charge ala carte for every feature - custom metrics, logs, anomaly detection, causal analysis - it’s all included!

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Spread the Love

No per-service, per-seat, or per-anything else fees. Use and share OpsCruise anywhere with anyone.

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An actually useful free tier

Unlike other vendors that cripple their free tiers - at OpsCruise, our free tier is the full-featured product limited to a smaller environment. What’s more, it’s free forever.

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pricing tiers

Free Forever

Best for testing and
small projects

  • Limited to 5 hosts

  • 8 days of data retention

  • Open source monitoring components (e.g. Prometheus, cAdvisor, NodeExporter, KSM, Loki, etc.) installed as part of package

  • Best efforts support

$0 / month


Best for large applications
& company-wide

  • Scales with the number of containers, hosts or serverless invocations

  • Monthly, Quarterly, 1-year and 3-year plans

  • 7x24 support

  • Optional support for open source tools (e.g. Prometheus, Loki, Jaeger, Istio, etc.)

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