While open source instrumentation and tools can ensure future-proofing and offer significant promise, they demand considerable engineering skill and resources to deploy, configure, and utilize. Further, these tools need to be integrated together in a cohesive manner to automate early detection of performance degradations, diagnose problems, and remediate to reduce mean-time-to-recovery. 

Let Bitovi DevOps Consulting and OpsCruise help you to build your next-generation auto-remediation platform. 

Bitovi DevOps Consulting has extensive expertise around IT Operations management processes, industry best practices for infrastructure management and application deployment pipelines (heavily utilizing tools such as Spinnaker and BitOps), observability (i.e. monitoring, logging, tracing, and alerting), and auto-remediation technologies - whether open source, closed source, or in house. Bitovi can help in each of the following phases of observability:

  1. Implementing foundational monitoring, logging, and tracing solutions that cover infrastructure, application components, cloud services and the orchestration required to manage all of this.
  2. Architecting complex Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines to fit your needs.
  3. Alert & incident creation for failures, changes, anomalous behavior and configuration and provisioning issues.
  4. Business dashboards with all around views of business flow, app performance and capacity usage.
  5. Integrating OpsCruise on top of your observability layer.
  6. Implementing automated remediation workflows for your infrastructure, application, and IT process layers.

Bitovi’s services include:

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Analysis and Planning
  • Tool Selection & Implementation
  • Automation Pipeline Architecture and Implementation
  • Staff Training & Team augmentation

Working with Bitovi enables organizations to

  • Ensure application and infrastructure deployments are automated and resilient
  • Automate runbooks typically performed by your Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)
  • Align costs to results
  • Measure your results and ability to manage your SLOs, SLIs, and SLAs
  • Free up your staff to focus on strategic projects
  • Tap into a broader expertise base to address complex problems
  • Deploy and manage new technologies faster