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OpsCruise Partnering Philosophy & Services

Our Partnering

To achieve maximum client success, our partners help fill the significant gaps being caused by the quantum shift into modern application architectures and environments. While the benefits of leveraging open source methods are numerous, navigating the complexities associated with Kubernetes orchestration and the growing array of open source projects can be daunting and risky.

To move faster and more steadily down this path, our OpsCruise partners are prepared to execute on a wide array of services, including:

  • IT Operations/SRE strategy, tools rationalization and selection
  • Consulting, installation, configuration and support of popular open source monitoring tools such as Prometheus, ELK, Loki and Jaeger.
  • Deployment and configuration of OpsCruise adapters
  • Extending integrations with incident and collaboration platforms such ServiceNow, PagerDuty and Slack.
  • Augment integrations with CI/CD platforms such as GitLab and CircleCI
  • Managed Services and tool stack support

We are honored to solve these complex and dynamic challenges with them and to drive positive and reliable business outcomes for our clients.

Filling Gaps for Modern Observability

OpsCruise Alliance Partners have world-class knowledge of modern application challenges, full stack capabilities, automation and operational expertise -- an ideal option for modern observability solutions. Here’s a selection of featured partners:


Since 1998, ACS has specialized in applying leading-edge digital technology to help businesses across industries to achieve their business objectives. How do we succeed? We are invested in your success. We focus on outcomes, not hours. Our offerings are both business and technology-focused. Most importantly, we work with you the way you want to work – through a shared commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation. Specialities include:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cognitive AI
  • Digital Consulting


Bitovi has extensive expertise implementing and managing complex DevOps toolchains and culture--including team buy-in, tool selection, pipeline architecture, and auto-remediation.


  • Deployment pipeline architecture
  • DevOps culture consulting
  • Auto-remediation

With a focus on infrastructure & application deployments with tools like BitOps as well as auto-remediation patterns with tools like StackStorm, Bitovi is well suited to integrate with your teams to ensure your DevOps journey is a success!

"At Bitovi, we work with organizations to reduce the burdens of developers and SREs through automation. OpsCruise’s real-time anomaly detection and alerting provides a solid foundation for auto remediation which will ultimately eliminate the war room altogether."

Mick McGrath, DevOps Director, Bitovi


OpsVision Solutions leverages open source, cloud native applications to kickstart your journey to true observability, controllability, and reliability for IT Ops with OpsCruise. Specialities:

  • Free Technical OpsCruise Community
  • AIOps Trusted Advisor Program
  • Cloud Native Transition Planning
  • Tactical Dev & Integration
  • Intelligent Operational Automation
  • SRE & Observability QuickStart

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra helps enterprises accelerate their digital transformation with a comprehensive suite of offerings that covers the entire mModern IT infrastructure stack. With our platform-enabled solutions powered by AI and Automation, we help enterprises accelerate their journey to a digital future. Specialities:

  • Accelerate digital transformation to modern micro-service, Kubernetes based applications
  • Implement operations systems for dynamic modern applications
  • Deploy and operate 5G network and edge applications

“In our endeavor to accelerate Digital Transformation of our Communication Service Providers and Enterprise customers, we are excited to partner with OpsCruise to help us deliver superior insights into Modern Cloud-Native infrastructure including 5G networks. “

Manish Mangal, CTO, Network Services, Tech Mahindra


At Visionet, our highly skilled and experienced enterprise technology consultants have assisted global organizations in Mortgage and Financial Services, Retail, Consumer Goods, Distribution, Manufacturing, and other industries. Specialities:

  • Assess - Evaluate their existing technology infrastructure and business objective alignment
  • Recommend - Determine the best technology mix for their current and long-term needs
  • Optimize- Ensure their IT footprint offers the right combination of performance and value


Windward Consulting empowers clients to plan, build, and operate highly efficient IT infrastructures and services that are tightly aligned with business processes. Specialities:

  • Service-Centric IT Modernization
  • Observability Integration
  • Observability as a Service

Since 1997, Windward hasprovided Service Management,AIOps,and DevOps solutions toover 500 clients around the globewith more than 3,000 projects

Why become an OpsCruise Partner?

Eliminate Cloud Complexity with NextGen Machine Learning

At OpsCruise, leverage the most advanced techniques for your observability solutions.  Enlighten your customers with your thought leadership and practical approaches on game-changing operational technology, financial outcomes and risk aversion.  Our predictive, actionable insights are turning older approaches on its head.

Partner Benefits

  • Be a solutions leader with your enterprise clients by offering them tremendous technology and financial value concurrently.
  • Help your clients build an effective bridge between Dev and Ops and enable them to build reliable modern software faster -- generate revenue and save money at the same time.
  • Simplify the journey for your customer success.  Help them understand and eliminate complexities with modern Kubernetes tooling and infrastructure environments.
  • Help your customers build telemetry foundations using open source tooling
  • Provide advanced consulting, tools rationalization, integration, and deployment with the #1 Observability solution for modern application environments.
  • Advise and collaborate on the modern journey on both Day-0 and Day-1 operational challenges and transformations.
  • Drive more cloud services revenue and increase the value of your business.

How to Become an OpsCruise Partner?

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