OpsCruise Introduces New Free Forever Plan

OpsCruise Introduces New Free Forever Plan

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Observability for Kubernetes

OpsCruise Introduces New Free Forever Plan to Empower DevOps to Accelerate Troubleshooting of Cloud Native Apps 

Supports broader adoption of the CNCF observability tools such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Loki, Jaeger and others 

Santa Clara, CA - October 7, 2021 - OpsCruise, the cloud application observability company, announced a new ‘free forever’ plan in the run-up to Kubecon 2021 to support further adoption and use of popular open source telemetry such as Kubernetes, eBPF, Prometheus, Loki, Jaeger and Istio.

When it comes to observing modern applications, Cloud Native Enterprises are often caught between two less than ideal choices: pick and choose amongst a multitude of free, open source tools but where a heavy lift is required around deployment, configuration, training and maintenance later OR choose a commercial cloud-based solution that’s easier but is expensive and locks you into a proprietary architecture

OpsCruise offers the best of both worlds by supporting and embedding popular open source monitoring tools into a smart-layer that: 

All without a requirement to instrument code or deploy additional proprietary agents on your hosts. It can be deployed and showing value in less than 3 minutes.

Now SREs, Cloud Architects, DevOps & Infrastructure Engineers can try the OpsCruise Forever Plan and get access to:

That’s how serious we are about empowering engineers to take advantage of all the commoditized telemetry available in cloud native environments. 

“I’ve seen and used a number of application monitoring offerings over the past couple of decades. For end-to-end Kubernetes observability in a cloud native deployment, nothing stacks up like OpsCruise'', said Bruno Pisano, CEO of Elafent, a cloud business analytics platform. “It’s simple and straightforward to set up, leverages open source standards & tools so there’s no lock-in and aggregates all the required data points so my team doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting. We’re finding and solving problems much faster, without having to stitch together multiple disparate proprietary tools!” 

Julius Volz, ex-Google and the creator of one of the most popular open source monitoring tools, Prometheus, noted “OpsCruise is a promising and novel approach for integrating information from both Prometheus and Kubernetes to help visualize the environment and automate production troubleshooting." 

Learn more about the Opscruise Free-Forever offering at www.opscruise.com, through the AWS Marketplace or visit us at booth SU40 at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon North America on October 13-15, 2021.

About OpsCruise

Founded in 2018 in Santa Clara, California, OpsCruise is a cloud applications performance assurance company, offering the only observability platform purpose-built for Kubernetes applications and serverless infrastructure. A deep understanding of Kubernetes, coupled with its unique contextual AI and ML-based behavior profiling empowers teams to predict performance degradations and instantly surface their cause. In 2021, OpsCruise launched out of stealth with seed funding to address the $17 billion cloud observability market. Learn more at www.opscruise.com.

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