Real-Time Automated Kubernetes Monitoring

Enhance visibility into the performance of your entire containerized environment and investigate issues quickly.

Kubernetes monitoring

Enterprise-class Kubernetes monitoring with OpsCruise

Why is monitoring Kubernetes that hard? What is application observability in Kubernetes? Legacy monitoring solutions weren’t designed to monitor large-scale distributed systems comprised of thousands of microservices, where new ones are added, old ones removed or replaced, and autoscaling from moment to moment.  Long gone are the days where you can print out an architecture map of your infrastructure and applications and post it on the wall.  

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Modern SRE and platform teams can’t afford to miss any key event when solving a problem. OpsCruise built from the ground up for cloud apps, provides native integrations with best practice data sources including Kubernetes, Prometheus, ELK/FluentD, Istio and Jaeger among others.  With easy to setup collectors deployed in your monitoring plane, you get instant view into performance metrics, logs, K8s state metrics and events on cloud, public or on-prem.

Real-time discovery to live operational tracing.

Auto-discover and explore your container, cloud and Kubernetes environments in a cohesive manner without proprietary agents, sidecars, or code instrumentation.  With OpsCruise Kubernetes monitoring, you can visualize your infrastructure and services with real-time topology maps, traffic flows, service interactions,  and dependencies. Now you can identify bottlenecks in the application and automatically link to underlying resources for faster fault isolation.

Simple, intuitive navigation.

Legacy monitoring solutions impose a service-centric viewing of your application. This means you are switching between many screens across services, containers, Kubernetes nodes, and infrastructure to correlate across performance-related issues. OpsCruise provides cohesive full-stack visibility into and across all these layers and objects so you can understand what's happening in your application. Our solution was built from the ground up for Kubernetes and allows you to navigate data from whatever perspective that makes the most sense for the problem you are resolving: service, namespace, cluster, node, pod or container.

Enterprise-grade monitoring.

Collect, correlate and query metrics from multiple sources with enterprise-class data management, scale and support. OpsCruise delivers unparalleled monitoring and troubleshooting in any Kubernetes, cloud and container environment.

Proactive and Actionable Alerts.

Know instantly if there’s a problem. Simply specify global resource SLO limits and benefit from OpsCruise's advanced anomaly detection that learns your application behavior and sets dynamic thresholds -- not based in history or statistical outliers -- to catch an emerging problem. Look ma, no thresholds needed!  And of course, we integrate with your incident management tools like ServiceNow, PagerDuty, Slack, and VictorOps, and send detailed granular information for troubleshooting, likely cause and remediation. 

Customizable Dashboards.

Use out-of-the-box and custom dashboards to visualize performance. See your microservices topology, applications, containers, Kubernetes events, service mesh, Prometheus metrics and many more.

Role-based visibility.

Your team need different levels of visibility, whether they are in DevOps, SRE, Platform or Infrastructure,  With OpsCruise Kubernetes monitoring, you can isolate and secure data and dashboards by team, user, customer or environment without resorting to isolated infrastructure. Provide explicit access to containers, namespaces, nodes, services, hosts and more.

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