OpsCruise Approach, Architecture and Technology

OpsCruise is an automated closed-loop operational system that was born in the cloud. It's future safe architecture leverages Kubernetes as a 1st class object and taps into a range of monitoring tools, configuration data and network flows for its visualization and analysis.

HOW It works

The OpsCruise automated lifecycle explained


The architecture that powers OpsCruise

OpsCruise ingests information from the application environment. It does this by tapping into the monitoring environment with light-weight gateway Pods that are added to the Kubernetes cluster. The key aspects of the design are:

  • No impact on the application workloads and worker nodes

  • No changes to application or side-cars

  • Easy installation using Kubernetes and related popular tools like Helm

  • All credentials remain within Kubernetes and do not go the OpsCruise SaaS servers

  • All connections to Kubernetess API and the Cloud account originate from the customer environment only; No PII data

  • You maintain control of your instrumentation data (metrics, logs, traces, etc), lowing expensive storage/access costs and allowing data to be used in other tools

The Gateway Pods interact with cloud, Kubernetes and metrics environments and send information in compressed and secure messages to the OpsCruise SaaS back-end. The user accesses the UI using a browser over the internet. All connections are outbound and use standard Https/TLS.

Highly enriched alerts and tickets are sent to popular services like PagerDuty, Slack and ServiceNow.

SUPPORTED integrationS

OpsCruise supports a broad range of cloud infrastructure, applications, and tools