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Modern Apps Need Modern Observability

kubernetes icon
Kubernetes apps
are complex.

Your Kubernetes apps have an order of magnitude more dependencies, ephemerality, releases and telemetry.

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Legacy tools
are ill-suited.

Proprietary monitoring and APM tools were born in the era of monolithic apps and static infrastructure. They are expensive, intrusive, siloed and generate more noise than they’re worth.

open source icon
Open standards are a
good start.

Open source and cloud monitoring tools offer an excellent foundation but require highly skilled engineers to integrate, maintain and analyze the data they surface.

scale icon
Your current approach
won’t scale.

Your journey to a modern infrastructure is stretching the limits of your monitoring framework. It’s time for a fresh approach. It’s time for OpsCruise!

OpsCruise is the only observability platform purpose-built for Kubernetes applications.

Our platform’s deep understanding of Kubernetes, coupled with our unique ML-based behavior profiling empowers your entire team to predict performance degradations and instantly surface their cause. All at a third of the cost of the current monitoring stack and without the need to instrument code, deploy agents or maintain open source tools.

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Key Capabilities

What OpsCruise Delivers

democratize-data icon

Democratize your Observability Data

Embed, support and integrate increasingly popular open source and IaaS cloud monitoring tools with a wide range of telemetry data.

visibility icon

Powerful contextual visibility

Weave together your monitoring and configuration data. Integrate signals from logs, metrics, flows and traces with change data from events, configurations and CI/CD platforms in an application graph.

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Best-in-class Contextual Kubernetes Monitoring

Zero-touch configuration and automatic discovery and monitoring of dynamic, ephemeral microservice workloads on Kubernetes and associated cloud services. 

prediction-hexagon icon

Predict Issues Before Customers Are Impacted

Detect problems using our predictive behavior modeling that automatically learns your application’s behavior to surface problems across application components, Kubernetes and the supporting infrastructure.

war-room icon

Eliminate The
War Room

Don’t be left navigating between different screens or sitting on conference calls - experience automated causal analysis which proactively links unexpected behavior changes within your application estate and ties it causally to SLO breaches.

3-minutes icon

Up & Running In
3 Minutes

Deploy in minutes via Helm and automatically collect metadata on pods, deployments, services and nodes. There is no need to deploy agents on each host, Kubernetes side cars or change code.

computer lab

The Results

OpsCruise Impacts the Top Line, Bottom Line and Agility

availability icon

Improves Availability

  • Predicts performance issues before users are impacted

  • Improves SLA Compliance

  • Minimizes false negatives

cost-reduction icon

Reduce Cost

  • Improves IT Ops/SRE, DevOps and Kubernetes infrastructure team productivity

  • One-third the cost of most monitoring platforms - builds upon open source monitoring tools

  • Minimizes resource overprovisioning and enables effective use of spot instances

risk-mitigation icon

Mitigates Risk

  • Enables cloud and Kubernetes migration

  • Supports accelerated application roll-outs

  • Open, secure and lightweight deployment model


What thought leaders say about OpsCruise

Avis budget zipcar logo
In complex microservice architectures it can often be hard for engineering teams to see the big picture; OpsCruise provides us an affordable, engaging, and approachable view that allows engineers to see how their microservices fit into the entire stack. Most importantly, because OpsCruise is building on our existing open source monitoring stack, deploying it was simple and required no changes to our running services.”

– Matt Surabian, Director, DevOps Engineering, Avis Budget Group (ZipCar)
Gorkey Vemulapalli
Quest diagnostics logo
City of Hope logo
"At Quest Diagnostics, we were rolling out a number of modern dynamic applications that needed a fundamentally more proactive, less invasive approach to monitoring. OpsCruise was the clear choice over several incumbent monitoring technologies already deployed in other environments because of its deployment ease through an embedded open source monitoring stack, overall efficacy and TCO."

Gorkey Vemulapalli
Director, Application Engineering
NW Mutual
CNA logo
"OpsCruise is the RedHat of open source monitoring"

Karl Gouverneur, CIO
"Alert storms and a lack of visibility to service interactions were common in Instart's rapidly growing K8s environment. With little deployment effort and no need to define thresholds, OpsCruise provided a real time understanding of our applications and surfaced the high priority issues needing attention."

Abhijit Patra, VP Engineering, Instart
twitter logo
yahoo logo
Ancestry logo
"OpsCruise is predictive and minimizes the need to over-provision resources to maintain service levels. It's a game changer." 

Sriram Thiagarajan, CIO
Elafent logo
The dynamic nature of containerized apps challenges traditional monitoring approaches to the point of inadequacy. OpsCruise drops straight in and adaptively delivers intelligent, fast and continuous insights to drive increased reliability, performance and availability.

Bruno Pisano, Founder & CEO, Elafent
Google logo
Prometheus logo
Soundcloud logo
"OpsCruise is a promising and novel approach for integrating information from both Prometheus and Kubernetes to help visualize the environment and automate production troubleshooting."

Julius Volz, Creator of, Infrastructure Engineer
"At Bitovi, we work with organizations to reduce the burdens of developers and SREs through automation. OpsCruise’s real-time anomaly detection and alerting provides a solid foundation for auto remediation which will ultimately eliminate the war room altogether."

Mick McGrath, DevOps Director, Bitovi
Microsoft logo
Cisco logo
"This will dramatically improve the productivity of Dev and SRE teams constantly in war rooms."

Brad Bell, CIO
"OpsCruise’s unique ML-driven application visibility and automated root cause analysis is ideal for issue detection and resolution needed in any K8s environment and existing open monitoring framework."

Alak Deb, Chief Cloud Architect, A10
riverbed logo
Splunk logo
"OpsCruise goes far beyond traditional event correlation tools - contextual ML enables causal analysis, fewer false positives and no missed false negatives."

Tom Bakewell, CIO

what makes opscruise different

Not Your Parent’s Monitoring Tool

Your Observability Data Unified, Not Siloed

brain image

Get everything you expect from a modern observability platform - native telemetry, object, configuration and meta data - in a single place, without the legacy architectural baggage . . . or the legacy high costs!

Predictive Behavioral profiling for more productivity, less noise


Our unique ML automatically learns your application’s correct operating behavior. Without selecting and tuning thresholds, it predicts emerging problems. That means fewer false positives and avoiding false negatives.

Operational Flow View, without code instrumentation

opscruise logo in gray hexagon

Understand your application’s interdependencies, operational flow, and component health in a single view, without the legacy requirement of instrumenting code with agents or code changes.

Kubernetes-centric, Not an Afterthought

cyber-icon hexagon

OpsCruise is purpose-built for Kubernetes observability. Our platform’s deep understanding of Kubernetes, coupled with our unique ML empowers your entire team to understand your workloads and the issues that pertain to them.

Easy, Open and Future Safe

abstract hexagon

OpsCruise leverages open-source, best-in-breed data collection tools. No agents, no sidecars, and no application changes required! It’s smooth cruisin’ with OpsCruise.

Example Use Cases

OpsCruise Problem Solving in Action

kubernetes icon inside hexagon

Kubernetes Visibility

anomaly detection icon

Anomaly Detection

fault icon

Fault Isolation

predictive icon

Predictive Problem Identification

blue-green canary icon

Blue-Green Canary Testing

analysis icon

Causal Analysis



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IT & Tech Ops

Rapid fault isolation

Recommended actions

Deploy in minutes – no agents

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Dev & DevOps

Understand performance impact of code changes

Built on CNCF compliant tools

No code changes or insertions required

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Cost and deployment optimization

Identify top service bandwidth and resource consumption

History of flows, resource usage, and application changes

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Identify unexpected or unwanted 3rd party communications

Expose misconfigured security policies

Detect behavioral changes that create potential vulnerabilities

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