Edge Observability

No-Impact Kubernetes Observability

OpsCruise is the only Observability solution that enables full visibility into and management of your Kubernetes application with no-impact, ensuring ultra-low latency in 5G edge cloud environments.

Maximum Observability . . . Minimum Impact

Monitoring Edge Clouds without the Added Performance Overhead 

5G Cloud

5G enabled edge cloud deployments are rapidly becoming a dominant method for time-sensitive applications from IoT to AR/VR to autonomous vehicles. Network function virtualization (NFV) has been well on its way to being software defined. More interestingly, these applications are increasingly deployed using Kubernetes in cloud-agnostic environments.

Cloud vendor offerings such as AWS Wavelength address the low latency needs of 5G applications by co-locating with the carrier’s facilities adjacent to the communications infrastructure.  Time-sensitive application components are deployed there while the remaining services  are located in normal on-prem or cloud infrastructure.
With its Kubernetes-native instrumentation, OpsCruise is the only solution that enables network operators or carriers, besides the application owners, to gain full visibility of the performance and control of these 5G edge driven applications.



No-Impact Full-Stack Monitoring

Look Ma, No Agents!

OpsCruise monitors Kubernetes applications and the underlying infrastructure, using the native open source instrumentation from the control plane and not the data plane. This is significant for 5G cloud applications since it is now possible for the 5G network operator to measure application performance with no impact. There is no need for the carrier to touch their client’s code, embed sidecars or network proxy containers into the application pods or install proprietary host agents. Only requiring open instrumentation, both provider and application owner gain full-stack application to Infrastructure visibility.

Get ahead of Application
Circuit Breakers

Isolate Issues In infrastructure

With OpsCruise, the 5G operator can also get ahead of any problem that might impact the application especially if it does not originate in the application code. The operator can proactively monitor the application performance and isolate problems that occur in the Kubernetes infrastructure. This allows the operator to alert application owners and even act  before ‘circuit breakers’ trip and outages occur. By getting ahead of the problems, application owners can better meet their performance, and operators maintain higher SLA compliance.

Optimize your Edge Cloud Cost

Edge clouds have a small real estate footprint and therefore limited infrastructure resources. It is therefore critical to optimize the use of resources to meet application SLOs by not overprovisioning. OpsCruise’s real-time visibility into the application needs from flow analytics and resource needs from behavior modeling enables optimizing edge cloud costs. By right sizing the Kubernetes estate to meet SLOs, for example, using pod balancing, operators can most effectively use available infrastructure resources as scale out options are limited.

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