Capture the ephemeral, simplify the complex with deep k8s observability

OpsCruise simplifies K8s operations. With our predictive Cruise Control AI engine, microservice-to-microservice operational flows, and curated knowledge, keeping up with your containerized workloads is simpler than ever.

Intelligent Application Observability for Kubernetes

Predictive Actionable Insights that Provide Clarity amid the Chaos

Traditional monitoring tools are fundamentally flawed for modern apps. OpsCruise is purpose built for containerized K8s applications and that means clearer insights, faster resolution, lower cost and happier customers.

Modern Application Platforms Require Modern Observability Tools

Why is monitoring Kubernetes so complex? What is application observability in Kubernetes? Legacy monitoring solutions weren’t designed to monitor large-scale, distributed systems comprised of thousands of microservices, multiple layers of abstraction and ephemerality across multiple clouds. These  challenges require a purpose-built, enterprise-class observability platform.

OpsCruise is poised to decisively solve the challenge of Kubernetes Observability.

KuberneteS Is The Center Of The Application

OpsCruise is designed with Kubernetes as the foundation of the application. It is not an add-on to a VM monitoring design.  The on-prem or cloud infrastructure is wired into the cluster which includes the ingress elements like Load Balancers, SaaS external services and Cloud services.

Curated Kubernetes Knowledge, Built-in

Like having a dedicated SME, OpsCruise continually builds knowledge of Kubernetes orchestration concepts into its platform. The platform’s ingrained understanding of Kubernetes means precise insights into Out of Memory killed containers, CPU Throttling, Node Health and Balancing, Container Restarts, Replicasets, Autoscaling, and more.

OpsCruise provides AI-based application understanding, anomaly detection and fault isolation, without overtaxing your teams.



Real-Time Discovery

Because of its autoscaling and dynamic structure capabilities, any and all monitoring of Kubernetes MUST be automatic and immediate. OpsCruise auto-discovers your container, cloud, and Kubernetes environments, allowing you to explore cohesively and contextually, without proprietary agents, sidecars or code instrumentation. 

With OpsCruise’s app-centric Kubernetes monitoring and unique flow tracing, you can visualize your infrastructure and services with real-time topology maps, dependencies, traffic flows, service interactions, and performance, even for short-lived Kubernetes replicas or Cloud VM instances. Reduce MTTD by quickly identifying bottlenecks in the application, and automatically link to underlying resources for faster fault isolation and lower MTTR.



Operational Flow Tracing

A Kubernetes cluster is a distributed application environment, with 30-40% of an application spent in networking. The topology changes all the time and understanding and storing the history of these changes is necessary. OpsCruise provides a unique hands-off eBPF based flow tracing feature that provides real-time data on the interactions between all components in the cluster.

This is then enriched further if a service mesh like Istio is used in any part of the cluster.



Monitoring Multiple Kubernetes Clusters

Application, Container Orchestrator, and Infrastructure: each layer plays a key role in bringing a microservice to life. OpsCruise provides cohesively integrated, full-stack visibility into and across all these layers and objects so you can understand what's happening in your application.

OpsCruise provides multiple vantage points, including Application, Orchestration, and Underlying Infrastructure enabling you to view Kubernetes clusters in the context where it i’s most beneficial to get actionable insights.  No environment has less than three clusters -- DevOps needs to have secure, permissioned access to the Dev, Test and Production environments. OpsCruise is designed to make this easy to use and operate.



Cluster Balancing Insights

CI/CD deployments into the Kubernetes cluster can dynamically change the use of the infrastructure resources. Kubernetes Pod limits may be invalid for the resources needed for the new container images. OpsCruise’s real-time monitoring of the new Pod’s usage in Pod Balancing view immediately identifies if the Pod is under-provisioned and should be migrated to nodes that have adequate capacity. 

This keeps your clusters up and running problem-free. In addition, as application changes are deployed, OpsCruise can detect them from Kubernetes state metrics and verify if settings, such as auto scaling limits, are set correctly and consistently for the services in the cluster.



Kubernetes Specific Root Cause Analysis

Microservice applications as complex distributed systems have much higher communication to computation ratios, by some measure more than 2X, compared to monolithic architectures of the past. This affects performance differently in terms of dynamically shifting bottlenecks as well as long chain dependencies where multiple microservices that are many hops apart can show performance problems.

OpsCruise addresses this problem by both detecting local container anomalies predictively while also automating the process of analyzing global dependencies using automated reasoning based on insights from the anomalies and curated knowledge of operational diagnostics.



Enable Automated Kubernetes Operations

OpsCruise is the only observability platform that enables automated operations capability made possible by the Cruise Control AI platform, beginning with predictive problem detection using its behavior models and automated fault isolation.

Corrective remedial actions taken by Ops based on the insights provided can be scripted in runbooks for automated execution. This becomes possible as problems recur and their causes are recognized by OpsCruise. The auto-discovery of the changed application estate and infrastructure, the auto-build of behavior models and the automated problem detection and fault isolation are executed in a pipeline fashion further enabling “cruise-controlling” your Kubernetes application.



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