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OpsCruise enables IT teams to collaborate and meets the expectations of different constituencies.

Benefits for Stakeholders

There’s Something for Everyone with OpsCruise

ITOps & SRE Teams
Supports for broad set of orchestration platforms, container and VM environments along with a scalable architecture and zero overhead.
Dev & DevOps
Transaction class response time between every service component and understanding of infrastructure dependencies with no code changes
See unexpected or unwanted communications between service components, including external cloud services. No proprietary agents or PII data.
CTO & Architecture
Cloud environments have complex and tiered layers of dependencies including application middleware,  orchestration and infrastructure. Further, many apps have dependencies on 3rd party services which they do not control.


Broad Support of Infrastructure

Supports all infrastructure environments – physical, VMs, containers running in on-prem or public cloud infrastructure.

Minutes to Deploy

‍OpsCruise is architected to be installed in minutes, leveraging your existing monitoring plane – no agents to deploy, no Kubernetes side cars, no need to select metrics or tune thresholds.

Cloud-native and scalable

OpsCruise ensures that the environment uses the best in class and agile technology and is built for cloud and cloud-scale deployments.

Development & DevOps Teams

No Code Changes

With OpsCruise there are no code injection or code changes required to secure applications and is therefore seamless and non-intrusive to the developers’ workflow. 

No Latency Impact

‍The product has been cleverly architected to ensure no latency introduced to application, while still providing the measurement and analytics capability.

Custom Metrics

‍We can incorporate any type custom metric (e.g., # of loans approved, upload records written, sales velocity, etc.) and profile the behavior of these metrics relative to infrastructure and middleware performance.

Security Team

No Code Change or Proprietary Code

OpsCruise does not require code instrumentation, agents on each host or any proprietary code. Our adapter modify open source components written in Go whose code can be reviewed.

No OpsCruise Code on Production Systems

Since we don’t have agents we are not deployed on your production systems and all the risk that entails. We integrate with your open source monitoring framework.

No PII or Sensitive Data

We don’t pull logs into our cloud, don’t collect any PII data and no passwords/secrets for your Kubernetes or public cloud accounts used to provide data to our service are stored in our cloud.

CTO & Architects

Built on CNCF Open Source Monitoring Tools

‍OpsCruise was architected and built from the ground up on Cloud Native Cloud Foundation (CNCF) open source tools such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Loki and Jaeger. We embed and provide support for these technologies as part of our offering and contribute to those communities. 

Open & Standards Based

OpsCruise uses standards such as Prometheus for time-series databases, eBPF for flows, OpenTracing for tracing format. Our adaptable ML modeling is open and allows for tuning for specific containers. All of this ensures compatiblity with other tools and avoids lock-in.  


OpsCruise is a highly flexible platform – allowing customers to add their own metrics (e.g., # of loans closed, record rate, velocity, etc.), monitoring external cloud services that support their applications and  incorporate a range of data exporters.

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