Contextual Distributed Tracing for Applications

OpsCruise Contextual Tracing Support leverages existing CNCF tracing tools, such as Jaeger, OpenTelemetry, and others, to complement OpsCruise’s eBPF based flow analytics application graph.

Maximum Observability . . . Minimum Impact

Monitoring Edge Clouds without the Added Performance Overhead 

The Distributed Tracing Challenge:

While distributed tracing is a powerful tool for in-depth application performance monitoring, analyzing high volumes of trace data to find the relevant traces is very challenging because it is time consuming, labor intensive, and requires resources with a complex skill-set, slowing down the MTTR.

End-to-end business level application performance monitoring

  • Follow requests from real-user, synthetic or browser test sessions to services, serverless functions, and databases
  • View traces and logs in context with automatic trace_id injection from Jaeger and other popular open source tools
  • Connect distributed traces to infrastructure metrics, network calls, and live processes

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See Every Trace Path with Trace Service Graph

  • Captures the execution path of each trace and aggregates them into trace path signatures
  • Real-time view of  each trace path’s performance.
  • Extends OpsCruise’s ML-based behavior model used for microservices to predictively detect problems in the trace path.
  • Complements OpsCruise’s flow analytics application graph that is generated without distributed tracing using only eBPF.
tracepath detail

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Live visibility, complete control

  • Dive into all ingested traces and service dependencies over the last 5 minutes
  • Resolve issues quicker with anomaly ML-based insights that automatically surface error, thru-put and latency outliers during active investigations
  • Retain only the traces that are most important to your business by setting custom tag-based retention filters
tracepath metrics

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Automated causal analysis and code level insights

  • Minimize service latency with a break-down of slow requests by time spent in code on CPU, GC, lock contention, and I/O
  • Optimize code and save on infrastructure costs with always-on, low overhead code profiling
  • Improve application performance by monitoring profile aggregations of services and endpoints and detecting bottlenecks in your code
  • Rationalize performance regressions caused by inefficient code by comparing code profiles using any timeframe and tag
traceview Jaeger

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Gorkey Vemulapalli

Gorkey Vemulapalli
Engineering Director
City of Hope

“OpsCruise is providing a novel way to combine thepower of eBPF and distributed tracing in an enterprise class platform.Engineers will be able to get key response time & latency information atthe URL level without any dependency on developers and then be able toseamlessly drill-down to the transaction level with very little overhead.”

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